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Youtube marketing

1. Keyword Research

The first step towards ranking the videos is finding the right keywords for your youtube videos. The keywords should not only rank on youtube but also Google. If your keywords are capable enough to rank at both youtube and Google search engines, it will provide a double benefit to you for the best youtube marketing.

Exact keywords will rank the video higher. This will take your youtube marketing to the next level.

Most traffic will be driven from youtube but Google is also going to help you a lot by keeping your video on top for a longer period.

Many experts claim to use tools such as Ubersuggest, Keyword everywhere, and VidIQ (specifically for youtube but paid). But you can also go for normal strategies to research the keywords.

You always need to choose keywords of high searches but low competition.


Use an excel sheet and write all the top keywords of your niche according to the searches on youtube. Search suggestions can be proved highly effective here.

You need to make 2 columns i.e. Keywords and monthly searches. Now use tools such as KW Finder to find monthly searches. It is a paid tool.

One more method to find out the competition is:

Go for all keywords present in your excel sheet and now just put each keyword one by one on the youtube search engine. Look at the top results for those videos. Observe all the videos, if the exact keyword has been used or not. So, if your exact keyword is not present in many videos out there, this might be the right keyword for you.

That means this is the particular keyword you should use.

Now arrange all the keywords in your excel sheet according to the competition and searches. You will be able to get a bunch of keywords that can help you rank on youtube.

Use those keywords on meta description, tags, etc. This strategy is highly effective to rank for the keywords.

The best Youtube marketing idea: Ranking your videos on google

Google always shows a few results for videos that are top-ranked which can drive immense traffic on your youtube channel.

Before putting keywords, you also need to go for a little keyword research on google so that you can have that double benefit.

For that, you need to understand that it is more likely for google to show video results for the following keywords:

a) How-to-Keywords

b) Reviews

c) Tutorials

d) Anything fitness or sports-related

e) Funny videos

So, use keywords effectively which ends the major grinding on youtube SEO.

2. Publish high retention videos

The amount of your video that people watch is known as Audience Retention.

And YouTube has gone on the record saying: “Audience Retention” is a HUGE ranking factor.

 If Your Video Keeps People On Youtube, Youtube marketing Will Rank Your Video Higher In The Search Results.

1. The more the comments and likes on your youtube video, the better it will rank. So, tell people to comment. Always use something which can drive more comments on your videos such as a question, an opinion, etc.

2. If someone is subscribing to your channel after watching the video, your youtube videos will rank better. This will only be possible if you are providing value.

3. The more your video is shared via other social media platforms, the better it will rank. Tell them to share with the particular audience so that they might share that video.

4. More CTR will rank the videos higher, that’s why use compelling thumbnails and titles.

5. Longer videos always rank better.

6. If you can give the benefit of closed captions to your audience, it will provide an exceptionally high benefit for youtube SEO.

7. Editing your file name also tells youtube what your video is about. So, it’s good to rename the file with focus keywords.

8. Share on all social media platforms, embed your channel and particular video links differently to drive traffic. Also, use emails to drive traffic.

9. Use different analytics for your youtube channel and observe everything such as watch time, audience retention, etc. and then try to optimize according to the data.

10. Youtube makes an automatic script of your video so if you are mentioning the keywords in your video, it will be noticed.

How to increase audience retention time:

1. Skip a long intro

2. Keep watchers curious with suspense if possible.

3. Using playlists is also a super awesome method, it’s also good for the youtube algorithm, and on the other hand, it also drives extra traffic on your videos.

4. Using hashtags to organize your content is a perfect strategy. You can also use hashtags of your competitors so that the people watching their videos will be able to see your videos.

The rest of the points are already discussed above which are very highly effective.

3. Video and channel optimization

Description (Youtube marketing hack)

Your video description is super important when it comes to ranking videos.

Your video description helps YouTube and Google understand the context of your video. And the better they understand your video, the higher you’ll rank (and the more often you’ll show up in the Suggested Video sidebar).

Here are the basic guidelines for the description:

  • Include your keyword in the first 25 words
  • Make the description at least 250 words
  • Include  your keyword 2-4 times

This SEO-optimized description helps tell Google and YouTube what your video is about without being spammy.


Again, the tags also play an important role to rank your keywords better.

When your video’s tags match a video that someone’s watching, you have a good chance of showing up in the Suggested Video section.

TubeBuddy is a good tool to use here.

So, use good tags to rank well. You can also use your keyword as your first tag.

Channel description


Optimize your channel with a great about section. Mention what you do and what type of videos you make. Using your targeted keywords is highly suggested here.


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